Arts Development

Mission statement

"We will build on Warwick District’s culture of creativity by stimulating accessible, diverse and innovative arts provision to enrich the quality of life.”

What are the services?

Advise and support artists, creative businesses, amateur and professional arts groups and organisations on the development of their work.

  • Provide support (including grants) for the development of arts activity in the community, and to facilitate opportunities for participation in the arts. 
  • Advocate for and raise the profile of the District’s arts activity.
  • Work in partnership at a strategic level to identify gaps in provision and develop arts initiatives that will help to meet local priorities.
  • Support the development of the local creative economy.

If you would like to join our mailing list to receive information about Warwick District Council’s Arts Development Service and newsletters about arts events and opportunities across the county please contact the Arts Development Officer.

For more information or enquiries contact the Arts Development Officer:

Telephone: 01926 456231 or email:

For applications to the Warwick District Council Arts Development Grants 2017-18 use the contact details above. 


Warwick District Council Arts Development Grants
2016-17 Criteria

Grants are available to Arts and Heritage Organisations for any amount up to £1,500. Funding will be considered for:

  • Original, high quality imaginative projects which take place within Warwick District.
  • Projects that clearly demonstrate development and increased access to arts/heritage. The deadline for 2017-18 is 6th November 2017.

Priority will be given to projects which:

  • Increase participation / attendance in the arts in the Warwick District.
  • Demonstrate excellence in ambition, creativity & delivery.
  • Help promote the reputation & value of Warwick District as a place of creativity & innovation.
  • Develop a stronger & more sustainable creative economy.
  • Help create stronger, safer, healthier communities and encourage better engagement & wellbeing for residents
  • Help revitalise and enhance public spaces.  
  • Increase / enhance cultural tourism. 
  • Facilitate / develop networking or partnership working.
  • Help develop a thriving creative quarter in south Leamington.
  • Help develop international links.
  • Contribute towards the District’s 2017 arts festivals (e.g. Kenilworth Arts Festival, Leamington Children’s Arts Festival, Leamington Art in the Park Festival).


Funding will not be available for:

  • School based activities which take place during normal school hours.
  • Projects which only benefit an individual.

When can I apply?
The deadline for 2017-18 is:

  • Monday 6th November 2017

Please note that late applications will not be considered.

Please allow three weeks for a decision on the application and enough time to prepare and plan for the activity. We recommend that the activity is planned to start no earlier than seven days after the date you can expect the Council to make a decision. We advise that you speak to the WDC Arts Officer prior to making an application. 

To apply for an Arts Development Grant you will need to complete a Warwick District Council Grant Application Form. Contact Mair Evans (WDC Arts Officer) by email at or by telephone on 01926 456231 for more information.