I:DNA, web image, opening times

Date: 20th May 2021 - 19th September 2021

Every day

Location: Leamington Art Gallery & Museum

Time: 10:00 - 15:00

I:DNA is a touring art installation and represents a journey though the lives of families affected by inherited genetic conditions.

As artists working with Dr Felicity Boardman it is not our role to position ourselves but to ask questions and to bear witness to the impact of our changing world and to reflect the narratives of human experience. I:DNA draws on the metaphor of the airport departure lounge from which we embark with a ticket for an unknown journey through life. The DNA helix sculpture with its luggage suggests the genetic ‘baggage’ that we all carry. The helix is unravelling, weighed down by the baggage. Its arms trail across the ground. The use of polished aluminium suggests the contemporary age of technological advance and the everyday objects are both familiar and strange when seen out of context. The stories of ordinary people are told with gentle simplicity in song and spoken word. Their courage is quietly moving, the colours of the whole installation evoking the joy and pain of the human experience. 


Cost: FREE

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