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Covent Garden displacement plan high level review

An independent review of the displacement parking plan associated with the closure of Leamington’s Covent Garden Car Park for redevelopment has reported its findings.

Judicial review

Warwick District Council heard on the 24 July 2018 that the application made for a Judicial Review of its HQ plans has been refused.

The group that lodged the initial application had seven days from the date of the refusal to apply to have the case heard in an open court. As this option has not been taken up, the Council can now continue with the HQ development plans.

Public exhibition update (8-9 June 2018)

Several hundred local people and members of the business community took the time to visit our exhibition to find out more about our HQ relocation, the redevelopment of Covent Garden and how this fits into the wider picture of council investment throughout the district. Read the full story.

Postcard comments, questions and responses.

Viability reports are released

Find the viability reports along with all the other documents associated with the planning applications.

Why the council is proposing moving offices

Warwick District Council’s Riverside House offices are too large, costly to run, in need of significant investment and relatively inaccessible to people without a car. Therefore, the council is seeking to move to smaller, modern, energy efficient, and more economical offices at Covent Garden. This will allow the council to move its workforce into the heart of the town centre, supporting local businesses, improve public access to its HQ building and provide a modern ‘one-stop’ shop for service users.


The new offices would be built on the current site of the Covent Garden car park at the north end of Leamington’s main town centre shopping area. The existing multi-storey car park, which requires replacement in the near future due to major deterioration of its concrete structure, would be demolished and a new multi-storey car park built on part of the site with the remainder being used for town centre apartments and the new office building. The new, state of the art car park, although only occupying part of the site will have circa 617 spaces, more than currently available across the whole site.

Covent Garden proposals

Visual of new offices

Warwick District Council offices

The building has been designed to allow controlled access points to the different zones within the building. Public access to the offices has been positioned on the south west corner on Tavistock Street, with level access from the pavement and maximum visibility from Warwick Street.


A total of 44 apartments are proposed as part of the overall scheme. They comprise a mix of 20 one beds and 24 two bed units, including 5 duplex units split between the upper two storeys.

Multi-storey car park 

The proposed modern and shopper-friendly multi-storey car park has been designed to accommodate the following:

  • Circa 617 car parking spaces across five levels,including: 27 dedicated disabled spaces and 20 dedicated parent and child spaces
  • Secure parking for 20 motorcycles
  • Secure parking for 30 cycles
  • Provision for circa 83 electric vehicle charging points
  • Provision of circa 60 spaces for office users
  • 44 spaces for apartment occupants

Riverside House proposals

The planning application for the Covent Garden site will be accompanied by a linked planning application for the Riverside House site. This will be an outline planning application proposing that the site is re-developed for residential use.

The drawings in the document below show that only part of the site can be built as a large part of the site floods; there are mature trees that will be retained and major storm drains and sewers that cannot be built over. The other drawings show what might happen if the area suitable for building was developed. This does not mean that this is what will be built in future as the outline planning application will only fix the site access, not the actual residential scheme, which would have to go back to Planning Committee for approval.

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