Published: Friday, 28th April 2023

Warwick District Council is supporting Plantlife’s annual No Mow May campaign next month, suspending grass cutting in large parts of the district to let grass and wildflowers grow.

This will provide a much-needed boost for insects and wildlife.

May marks a key month for plants, insects and other wildlife as warmer soil sees grass, plants and wildflowers blooming to life. Letting them bloom provides an important food source for pollinating insects needing nourishment in the early part of the season to expand their populations.

Grass cutting will be suspended on highway verges, Council housing estates and the majority of the District’s parks and open spaces. Cuts will still take place where there is a need, including children’s play areas, cemeteries, sports pitches and major parks including Jephson Gardens, Pump Room Gardens, St. Nicholas Park and Abbey Fields.

The support for No Mow May forms part of the Council’s commitment to enhancing biodiversity in the District, following the declaration of an Ecological Emergency last year.

Residents are encouraged to take part where possible, by letting some or all of their lawn grow during the month of May to help the ecosystem in their garden. Highway verges can also be adopted by local communities to allow wildflowers to grow; applications for this can be submitted to Warwickshire County Council.

Steve Partner, Head of Neighbourhood and Assets at Warwick District Council said: “There’s never been a better reason to leave the lawnmower in the shed a little while longer. By letting our grass grow for the next month, we’ll be able to support this vital part of the ecosystem when it needs us the most.

“We’d love to see the end results and encourage all residents taking part to send in photos of their lawn at the start and end of May, and to let us know if they see an increase in bee activity in their garden.”

Further information and FAQs on No Mow May - including how residents can continue to support wildlife in their garden.

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