The council will seek to assist all tenants with disabilities or health related problems; we promote and support independent living, to enable people to remain in their own homes in comfort and security. The Housing Assessment Team offer advice and support regarding home improvements, repairs and adaptations.

Deciding whether adaptations can be made

Depending on individual circumstances the best solution may be for the council to assist by providing alternative accommodation. However, where this is not feasible the council may fund adaptations to your existing home. The following steps explain the assessment process:

Step 1

If you start experiencing difficulties living in your home due to disabilities or health related problems, tenants should contact Adult or Children's Social Care on 01926 410410. This is to identify the need for either equipment, which they can provide directly, or if you need to be referred to the Housing Assessment Team for an assessment under the Care Act 2014.

Step 2

If adaptations are required, the case will be referred to the Housing Assessment Team.

An Occupational Therapist or trained Case Worker will then contact you to assess which works are necessary and appropriate and will also decide whether the works are reasonable and practical to carry out in the tenants home. 

The Housing Assessment Team will consider if your need could be met by a move to more suitable accommodation. For instance, if you are experiencing difficulty getting upstairs, it may be more suitable for you to be in a bungalow. If this option is being considered you will be contacted by your Housing Officer.

Step 3 

If an adaptation is recommended, the Housing Assessment Team will arrange for the council's contractor to visit to cost the work required. When the Housing department have authorised the work you will receive notification of the work to be completed from the contractor with the expected start and completion date. 

In some cases planning permission and building regulation approval is required which might delay the start of the work.

"Fast track" adaptations

Warwick District Council also provides a fast track service for minor adaptations which do not have to go through the assessment process described above.

If you are elderly or a disabled tenant and require a handrail, grab rail, bannister rail or lever taps, you can apply directly to the Housing Assessment Team by calling 02476 376299.

Contact us

If you have any queries about adaptations to your council property, please contact the Housing Assessment Team by email at or telephone on 02476 376299.