New waste and recycling collections

We will be making changes to your waste and recycling collections from 1 August 2022.

Find out more about the 123+ collections

We are continuing to deliver food caddies and recycling bins to all eligible properties in the district.

Some deliveries are behind schedule - please see below for details on deliveries made so far, and what to do with your recycling and food waste if you haven't received yours yet.

Completed deliveries

Please see which streets should have now received their food caddies and/or recycling bins based on the day of collection:

How will they be delivered?

We are delivering caddies and bins based on the new BIFFA collection rounds to ensure that properties receive the correct collection calendar.

If we sent calendars out separately through the post we could have delivered the caddies and bins more zonally but the cost of this would have been greater. It’s far more economic to get the caddy distribution teams to pop the calendar pack through the letterbox whilst dropping off the new caddies.

It is the case that some streets will receive theirs sooner than others. Rest assured, we are working hard to deliver food caddies and recycling bins to all properties in plenty of time before the new service starts.

The food caddies and recycling bins will be left at the edge of your property. The small food caddy will be placed inside the larger caddy.

Your information pack will be posted through your letterbox.

When can I start using my new food caddies and recycling bin?

You can start using your bins to put your food waste and recycling in. Present them for collection on your specified date from 1 August 2022.

If you don't know when to put your bins out, use our Property Search function:

  • enter your address
  • select the 'waste collections' tab
  • scroll down to 'collections from 1 August'

What happens if I haven't received my food caddies or recycling bin in time for the start of the new service?

If you haven't received your recycling bin in time for your first collection in August, please continue to present your recycling in your red boxes or another sturdy box until your new bin arrives. Please do not use your recycling bags or any other bag, as we're unable to empty these. 

If you haven't received your food caddies in time for your first food collection, please put your food waste in your grey and/or green bin until your food caddies arrive.

We are working hard to ensure all eligible properties receive their food caddies and recycling bins in time for the start of the new service.