We are committed to supporting Warwickshire’s communities through the current Coronavirus pandemic. Large amounts of volunteers are coming forward and communities across the county are setting up support groups.

Community economic recovery fund

We are making funding available to help support community organisations through the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Support from Warwickshire County Council

Find out more from Warwickshire County Council:

Warwickshire hotline for the most vulnerable

  • Warwickshire Coronavirus hotline A hotline has been set up so people can request information and support such as access to food and additional supplies during these difficult times. It is crucial that this support is targeted to those in most need - those who are unable to secure help through their existing support and care networks.

Warwickshire food supply advice

Warwick district support groups

Baginton helpers

  • Delivery of groceries, Delivery of prescriptions/medicine, Friendly telephone call. Email Louisecoop27@aol.com.

Beausale, Haseley, Honiley and Wroxall Neighbourhood Watch

Brunswick HUB

  • We are taking calls on 07593 590 828 for the distribution of Hearing Aid Batteries and Foodbank Vouchers (staff will post through letterboxes). Through that number you can also get help and advice from our Employment Adviser, Health & Wellbeing officer and Social Prescriber. Brunswick Hub website or email dawn-johnstonsmith@brunswickhlc.org.uk.

Bubbenhall Volunteers

  • We now have a core team of 36 volunteers with a reserve list of 12. All 280 households are aware of the support group and some of the more vulnerable residents are using their nominated volunteer to help with shopping and/or prescription deliveries. Friendly telephone calls are made when the resident has provided such contact details. Email bobcpowell@me.com.

Budbrooke Parish

Chase Meadow COVID-19 Response Team

  • Delivery of groceries, delivery of books, board games, delivery of prescriptions/medicine, friendly telephone call. We have a dedicated helpline manned 9 -5 (7 days a week) - 01926 800 086 or email chasemeadowra@googlemail.com.

Clarendon Square COVID19

Cubbington community help

Fairways South Residents Association

  • Delivery of groceries. Delivery of books, board games. Delivery of prescriptions/medicine Dog walking. General advice. Physical and mental wellbeing. Financial support. Friendly telephone call. Email jeevan.virk@adacap.com

Gaveston Community Help

Hatton Park WI

Helmsdale Road Support

  • Delivery of groceries. Delivery of books, board games. Delivery of prescriptions/medicine. Dog walking. Email stevemoody04@aol.com.

Kenilworth COVID-19 support

  • Providing general support for the vulnerable and isolating in Kenilworth. Helping families that previously attended (now closed) local foodbanks with food provisions and those that have recently been put into financial stress who need help with food provisions. Visit the Kenilworth support Facebook group or email covid19kenilworth@gmail.com.

Lapworth Volunteers

  • Delivery of groceries. Delivery of prescriptions/medicine. Friendly telephone call. Email clerk@lapworthpc.org.uk

Leek Wootton & Guy's Cliffe COVID-19 Street Champions

  • This is a group headed up by the Parish Council, local church and Neighbourhood Watch that is coordinating Street Champions throughout the parish, providing a central contact point and information, assistance and support to the Street Champions. Visit the LWandGC Facebook group or email clerk@leekwootton.org.uk.

Milverton Neighbourhood Watch Association

  • I'm the chair of Milverton Neighbourhood Watch Association. I have over 100 members, some of whom forward my messages to their neighbours. Many keep in touch with neighbours through email, residents associations, personal contact, and WhatsApp groups. Although not providing direct support, we can pass messages on to all these people and ask for help from neighbours if necessary. I can add people from the Milverton area to my Neighbourhood Watch list if they would like to receive security and health messages. I will provide a contact telephone number on request. 
  • Visit the Milverton Watch Facebook page or email heather.haslettmnwa@btinternet.com.

Norton Lindsey Parish Council Emergency Action Plan (NLEAP) COVID19

  • The Parish has been split into areas which each have a coordinator, a resident from that area who has the contact details and vice versa of all in that area. Email leska@btinternet.com.

Radford Semele support group