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Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club

Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club (KW) is currently located at Glasshouse Lane on the east of Kenilworth. The club grounds form part of a wider site which has been allocated as a strategic site for comprehensive redevelopment within the 2017 Warwick Local Plan. To release this land for development, KW will need to relocate to the playing fields to the west of Castle Farm Recreation Centre. This area has been allocated within the Local Plan for outdoor sports and recreation space. As part of this move, a new clubhouse will be built to replace their Glasshouse Lane facilities bringing it in line with current standards. The existing playing fields will be redeveloped and extended, providing much needed quality sporting facilities to the Town. Provision will be made for three cricket squares at Castle Farm. The football provisions at Glasshouse Lane will be replicated at Castle Farm and combined with the existing football provisions, which will be upgraded  Alongside this will be a new all-weather football pitch to the north of the fields. A multi-use games area will enhance the offering to potential new sports teams with a new Netball team already keen to establish a base in Kenilworth. Kenilworth Running Club will be provided with purpose-built tracks around the perimeter of the fields, connecting to public footpaths in the locality. Along with the new clubhouse and bar/café with flexible bookable function and meeting room spaces this enhanced and extended site will be able to deliver a quality centre for Cricket, Football, Running, and other sports to Kenilworth and the wider local community. 

Field 1 immediately adjacent to Castle Farm Recreation Centre will remain largely unchanged with unrestricted access. The main clubhouse, associated parking and the largest of the three cricket pitches will occupy the current playing fields area known as field 2, along with the new all-weather pitch and multi-use games area and cricket nets. A 10m wide perimeter area with a dog walkers path will be provided around this field, with a low ball fence and planting to maintain views across the site.  This dog walkers path will connect to the diverted and enhanced bridleway that will run around the bottom edge of the new Field 3 playing fields extension.


Kenilworth Wardens proposal documents