Recycling box

Mixed paper

TickNewspapers and magazines

TickJunk mail

TickCatalogues and brochures (including hardbacks)

TickTelephone directories

Tick Envelopes (no need to remove plastic windows)

TickShredded paper (in a tied carrier bag)

Mixed glass Bottles and jars

TickGlass bottles (including perfume and aftershave bottles)

TickGlass jars (including beauty crème pots and jars)

! Any colour of glass

! No lids corks or caps

! Labels can be left on

CrossLight bulbs - recycle at tips and some recycling centres

Metal packaging

TickAll metal cans and tins

TickAerosol cans (including deodorant and air freshener cans)

TickAluminium foil and trays

TickSweet/biscuit tins

TickMetal lids and caps

Recycling bags

Card and cardboard

TickCereal and egg boxes

TickToilet roll tubes

TickFood packaging

TickBrown corrugated card

TickGreeting cards

Tick Tissue boxes

! Please flatten or cut large pieces of cardboard into sections no larger than 1m x 1m

! Don't worry about staples 

CrossFood and drink cartons (e.g. Tetrapak) can be recycled at recycling centres

Plastic packaging

TickPots (e.g. yoghurt, cream, beauty crèmes, etc.)

TickTubs (e.g. ice cream, margarine)

TickTrays (e.g. meat, biscuits)

TickBottles (e.g. drinks, cosmetic, detergent, bleach, etc.)

TickLids and caps

! Wash and squash bottles

! Please rinse plastics

CrossNo black plastics

CrossNo other plastics (e.g. bags, film, flower pots etc)

Recycling shoes and textiles

Mixed textiles, shoes and clothes

TickClothing and footwear

TickBags, hats, belts

TickDuvet covers and pillow cases

TickTowels, sheets, curtains

CrossWe cannot collect duvets or pillows

! Textiles can be in any condition

! Place in any suitable bag such as an inside out charity bag, label it and seal it to keep contents dry

Recycling batteries and oil

Batteries and car batteries

TickAll household batteries

TickCar batteries

! Place household batteries in a clear bag e.g. sandwich bag

! Place car batteries next to the red box

! Advice on the safe storage of batteries

Engine oil

Tick Engine oil

Cross Cooking oil

! Place engine oil in a sealed container

Wrapping paper and card recycling

Recycle wrapping paper and gift cards with your cardboard in your recycling bag.

Please keep out foil wrapping paper, glittery wrapping paper and cards, ribbons, bows and tape – these cannot be recycled.

Recycling in flats

Some complexes of flats/apartments have communal recycling bins. You can recycle paper, glass, cans, cardboard, plastic and cartons (e.g. juice, milk and soup) all together in these bins. Please email or phone 01926 456128 for more details.

A to Z of recycling

What can be recycled and where (Warwickshire County Council website)