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Election and referendum expenses

Election and referendum expenses for candidates and campaign groups for neighbourhood plan referendums

The Election Agent or Candidate acting as their own Agent is responsible in law for the expenses return.  A person contesting a local government election becomes a candidate on the publication of the notice of election (19 March)

No money spent on your campaign can be reclaimed from Warwick District Council or the Electoral Commission. The rules simply restrict how much can be spent.

  • County Council, District Council and Neighbourhood Plan Referendum returns due in: 10 June 2021
  • Town returns due in: 3 June 2021

Even if the candidate did not spend anything and a nil return is to be made.

For questions on election spending, please contact the Electoral Commission:

Phone: 0333 103 1928

How much can I spend?

The spending limit for the regulated period is £806, plus 7p per local government elector in the ward registered to vote on the last day for publication of the notice of election in the ward which you are standing for.

For example If there are 7,500 electors in a ward, the spending limit is: £806 + (7,500 x 0.07) = £1,331.

Area Type Electors
Budbrooke & Bishop`s Tachbrook County 9805
Cubbington & Leek Wootton County 7500
Kenilworth Park Hill County 7942
Kenilworth St. John`s County 7684
Lapworth & West Kenilworth County 7046
Leamington Brunswick County 7844
Leamington Clarendon County 7317
Leamington Milverton County 6902
Leamington North County 8406
Leamington Willes County 7505
Warwick North County 7030
Warwick South County 7718
Warwick West County 9290
Whitnash County 7532
Leamington Clarendon (District) District 7477
Kenilworth St. John`s Town Parish 4276
Royal Leamington Spa Brunswick Town Parish 6898

Police and Crime Commissioner election

  • Each police area has a maximum spending limit that is set out in legislation
  • The spending limit for Warwickshire is £76,476

Local government elections

Town Council elections

PCC elections

Neighbourhood Plan referendum

Neighbourhood Plan area Electors entitled to vote Referendum expenses limit
Radford Semele 1847 £2470.97
Royal Leamington Spa 36259 £4501

Expenses mean the expenses incurred by or on behalf of any individual or body during the referendum period in relation to:

  • Advertising of any nature
  • Unsolicited material addressed to voters
  • Information about the referendum, information about the question, arguments for and against
  • Market research or canvassing
  • Provision of any property, services or facilities in connection with press conferences or dealings with the media
  • Transport (by any means) of persons to anywhere with a view to obtaining publicity in connection with a referendum campaign
  • Rallies and other events, including public meetings.
  • Expenses also include any notional expenses, where property, services or facilities are provided free of charge or at a discount.

Campaigning groups are encouraged to submit a statement of expenses by 10 June 2021 to the Counting Officer, Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 5HZ

No money spent on your campaign can be reclaimed from Warwick District Council or the Electoral Commission. The rules simply restrict how much can be spent.

It is an offence for a campaign organiser to exceed the referendum expenses limits and if found guilty would be liable to a fine of up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months.