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How you will vote in the 2021 local elections

Warwickshire County Council and local government elections

Local Government elections use the first past the post voting system. Voters cast their vote for a candidate of their choice – or candidates where more than one seat is up for election on the same ballot paper. The candidate/s with the most votes wins.

Police and Crime Commissioner election

If there are only two candidates, the first past the post system is used and the candidate who polls the most votes is declared the winner.

For three or more candidates, the supplementary vote system is used. Voters can make a first and second choice. If no candidate gets more than 50% of the first choice votes, only the top two candidates go through to a second round of counting. If the first choice candidate on a ballot paper is eliminated, and the second choice is for one of the top two, then the second choice is also counted.

Neighbourhood plan referendum

A referendum asks you to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question. You vote by putting a cross (X) in the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ box on your ballot paper. Put a cross in only one box or your vote will not be counted.

If more people vote ‘yes’ than ‘no’ in this type of referendum, Warwick District Council will use the Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in this local area.

If more people vote ‘no’ than ‘yes’, then planning applications will be decided without using the Neighbourhood Plan as part of the Development Plan for the local area.

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