Warwick District Council’s Small Grants Scheme seeks to support projects delivered by local community and voluntary groups which will enhance the heath, wellbeing and quality of life of the residents of Warwick District. Projects need to meet one or more of the following priority outcomes:

  • Increased access to and participation in healthier lifestyle choices/ activities
  • Individuals feel less lonely and isolated
  • Individuals mental health and wellbeing has improved
  • Individuals feel a stronger sense of belonging in their community
  • Increase in volunteering opportunities and numbers of volunteers 
  • Increase in skills/experience as a pathway to employment opportunities
  • Local communities have benefitted from improvements to their physical environment

Funding thresholds are a minimum of £500 up to a maximum of £2,000 per project.

Closing dates

They will be two round of the Small Grants Scheme in 2017-18. Dates are as follows:

  • Round 1: Launched on Wednesday 31st May – closing date Friday 30th June 2017
  • Round 2: Launched on Friday 8th December – closing date Friday 9th February 2018

Application form 

Download the grant guidance and application form

All applications should be typed (not hand written) and emailed to communitypartnership@warwickdc.gov.uk

Contact us

For further advice on the eligibility of your project please contact Bernadette.Allen@warwickdc.gov.uk  

For advice about how to fill in the form out email: groupsupportwd@wcava.org.uk

Community forum grant

If you would like to set up a project that will benefit a specific neighbourhood/locality, please apply to the Community Forum Grant Fund.