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Waste collection changes FAQs

Why is my recycling being put into a refuse truck?

With more people staying at home due to COVID-19, the amount of recycling we're collecting has increased. This means that collections are taking a lot longer, particularly for this labour intensive service.

Additional recycling crews are supporting the normal red box/bag collections to ensure the continued provision of the service. The recycling vehicles used in Warwick District are specialised and not readily available for hire if additional vehicles are needed. Therefore, the support crews are using refuse trucks and are mixing recycling in the back of these vehicles. The mixed recycling is then taken to PURE Recycling in Ettington, Stratford-Upon-Avon, where it is sorted into different materials and then sent on for recycling.

Please continue to sort your recycling as much as possible and present it in the normal way as the majority of crews will still be sorting as they collect.

What happens to recycling that is mixed together in the collection truck?

We have additional recycling crews out at the moment supporting the normal red box/bag collections to ensure all recycling is collected as scheduled. These support crews are using different vehicles which hold all materials mixed together. We are asking residents to continue to sort their recycling as much as possible and present it in the normal way, because the majority of crews will still be sorting as they collect. 

Any mixed recycling will be taken to PURE Recycling in Ettington, Stratford-upon-Avon where it is sorted by hand and machine into different materials before being sent to manufacturers to be made into new products.

This video helps to explain the basic principles of the process.

Why can’t I have a wheeled bin for my recycling?

Warwick District Council operates a kerbside sort method of recycling where recycling is sorted into different material types during collection. Although this method asks for more input from residents and is more time consuming for the collection crews, the benefits in terms of the end use of the recyclable material are generally greater and it has been a more cost effective system for the Council.

Can I put additional waste out for collection?

We are asking residents to look at ways of reducing their waste to help our refuse and recycling collections crews. The collection crews are working even harder than normal with reduced numbers to collect your refuse and recycling. Please help support your amazing collection crews and these important services by reducing your waste and sorting your recycling. Please visit our recycling pages for help on sorting your recycling.

Households can present extra recycling next to their red boxes/bags in carrier bags (untied), small cardboard boxes or your own tubs. However, each additional container should only contain one type of material e.g. paper in one container, tin/cans in another, etc.

All refuse should be contained in your grey wheeled bin. Please do not leave additional bags of refuse beside your bin.

Residents may also be interested in Love food hate waste which has useful tips on food storage, making the most of the food we have, portion sizes, recipes for leftovers and more.

Can I burn my waste at home?

Please do not burn your waste at home. Coronavirus can cause significant respiratory problems and smoke coming from fires could further worsen breathing difficulties. There is also the danger that fires could get out of control. Please think of your neighbours and the environment.