Lillington plansThe Council has been exploring how best to support communities in Crown Ward. 

Crown Ward has a range of local services but these could be further improved, for example by developing new buildings that are easier to access, bringing services together and encouraging more services to relocate to Lillington. Furthermore, parts of the ward would benefit from there being better employment opportunities, making more training and skills available to local people and helping people to increase their income. 

The Council has allocated land on the edge of Crown Ward for new housing in its new Local Plan and wants to consider how this development can best support the local community. It has commissioned an independent study to look into these issues and suggest some possible opportunities.

The study has now been published.  It makes some radical proposals that include demolishing and replacing a number of properties within Crown Ward, relocating existing community services (including the library and Youth Centre) and providing scope for new services to be brought into the area including a new GP surgery.

It is important to note that no final decision has been made by the Council at the moment as to whether to support the proposals.  This page has, however, been set up to provide information about them.

You can download the consultants' study. The Council’s Executive considered the study at its meeting on 11th March 2015 and approved all of the recommendations in the report. You can view the report to that meeting here. (The report is titled “Regeneration in Lillington” and is item 9 on the committee agenda.)

We have produced some frequently asked questions about the regeneration proposals. If you have any other questions that can’t be answered by the information published on these pages, please email us at

What happens next?

On 11th March the Council’s Executive (the main decision making body of the Council) approved all of the recommendations in the officer report. They supported the potential regeneration opportunities laid out in the consultants’ study, however also recommended undertaking more work to scrutinise the proposals and consider what alternative ways there are for increasing the quality of services, homes and life in Crown Ward. 

This work is now being undertaken. The Council has committed that as part of its further consideration of any regeneration proposals, a full public consultation will be undertaken. Details of this consultation, and of the other work that is being carried out, will be made available on this page in due course.