Like all organisations, Warwick District Council as The Local Planning Authority has had to alter its working practices as a result of Covid-19. Our staff are now all working from home and we very much endeavour to deliver our normal service and continue to process planning applications.

However, we are currently dealing with an unprecedented level of applications which has been made more difficult through the requirement for staff to work remotely. Unfortunately, this means that there is a delay in allocating and validating applications which is currently up to 4 weeks, and will inevitably mean a delay in the time taken to issue decisions.

We apologise for the delay and any associated inconvenience that this may cause.

We are taking steps to tackle the backlog of outstanding work and increase capacity within this part of the service by filling vacant posts and recruiting additional staff. This recovery will take some time and we will keep you informed on progress by updating our website pages.

In view of the above, we understand that you might wish to know where your application is in the system and the likely timescale for its consideration. So that we can continue to focus on the applications themselves, we would be grateful if wherever possible, you would refer to the website for further information rather than contacting the Council directly.

Thank you for your patience.

To ensure delays are kept to a minimum, it is advised that all applications are sent to us electronically via The Planning Portal or by email to  Consultation responses and correspondence should be sent using our planning applications pages or by emailing the case officer.

Pre-2000 planning applications

These applications can only be viewed on microfiche.

As these are held at Riverside House, we are currently unable to access the documents, plans and records.