What would you like to see in the new Tach Brook Country Park?

Tach Brook Country Park

Warwick District Council has started the process of designing a new Country Park, to the south of Leamington and Warwick. 

Stretching across 56 hectares the Tach Brook Country Park will form one of the largest green spaces in the district. The plans are for the area to become a haven for wildlife and biodiversity as well as a place to enjoy a range of outdoor activities. 

We will soon be starting the process of developing some initial design options. However, before this work begins, we would like to gather your opinions, feedback and ideas on the facilities you would like to see in Tach Brook Country Park and gain an understanding on how you would like to use this new open space.

The survey is multiple choice and intended to generate discussion and ideas. Although we can’t promise to deliver every option presented to us, please do not feel restricted in sharing your thoughts and experiences on what you enjoy and what is important to you.   

To let us know what you would like to see in the new Tach Brook Country Park, please complete the survey.

Survey available until 20 December.

In the next 10 years the district will come under pressure from an increasing population and the rapid pace of climate change. The Council has declared a Climate Emergency and all policies from now on must consider how we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and become more sustainable. This includes creating more green spaces to help us cope with flooding and overheating as well as encouraging more sustainable means of transport. We therefore want to create a Country Park for the future, which not only improves the natural environment, but also becomes the pride of the local community.