Golf course closure - what next?

The golf course is currently closed, following the exit of Mack Golf Trading. Since its closure, low level maintenance work has been carried out to maintain the golf course to a standard which would enable it to be returned to a playable condition if desired. In addition, security checks are being carried out on the vacant golf shop and barns as well as the golf course. This arrangement is in place for 12 months, during which time the council will investigate and consult with the public around the future use of this available land at Newbold Comyn.

Have your say!

During the next few months, officers will be investigating possible options for the use of this land. And whilst returning it to a golf course has not been ruled out, the council will be consulting with the wider community about how they would like to see the land used and whether there are alternative options that would serve the community more effectively.

It is expected that this consultation will result in a whole host of  possibilities and options for the golf course. And then later in the year a report will take these forward for formal consideration by the Council’s Executive.

As soon as we have the consultation survey ready, we will share it on this webpage and will keep you updated with our progress. We are very much looking forward to hearing  your ideas and suggestions for how we can make the best use of Newbold Comyn.... It’s a well-used venue for your outdoor sports and activities and a much loved country park, but what else could it be?