Council tenants

If you are a council tenant, responsibility for garden maintenance is normally dependent on whether you have a garden for your sole use or not.

Where you do have your own garden, you will be responsible for maintaining it. Your responsibility is part of your tenancy agreement and the council will take action for breach of tenancy if you are not adequately maintaining it. The first step in any action will be for your Housing Officer to contact you by visiting or in writing.

Report a problem 

If you wish to report an unsightly garden, you can report this using our online form:

Report a garden maintenance or tree issue on council rented housing property

Communal gardens 

Where you live in a property with communal gardens, the council may cut the grass and maintain shrub beds and trees. If the council does not maintain the communal gardens, each tenant or leaseholder is responsible for maintaining the gardens by mutual agreement with their neighbours. Please remember if you want to create an area to maintain yourself, you will require written permission. For more information visit the property alterations page.

If you wish to report a problem with the grounds maintenance in communal areas or would like to have an area inspected for improvements please use the form above or leave a voice message on 01926 456430. You will receive a response within 5 working days.


If you are a leaseholder, therefore, you have bought a flat which used to be a council property, you will pay a service charge as part of your lease to cover a proportion of the council's cost to maintain your communal gardens.

If you are in any doubt about your garden maintenance responsibilities or want more details of the council's maintenance programme, contact the Housing Officer for the area on 01926 456129.


If you are a council tenant and wish to know which fence or boundary you are responsible for, contact your Housing Officer, or fill in the Boundaries to council properties form (17kb, PDF). If necessary, the Housing Officer will ask for a surveyor to establish the boundary.