New waste and recycling collections

We will be making changes to your waste and recycling collections from 1 August 2022.

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The weekly payment on certain council properties includes a payment to cover heating, lighting and water charges.

Radcliffe Gardens, Leamington Spa

There are 53 dwellings in this complex and they are supplied with domestic hot water all year and with central heating normally during October to May/June each year, depending on weather conditions, from a gas boiler.

Sheltered Housing Schemes

There are sheltered schemes at:

  • Acorn Court, Lillington, Leamington Spa. - 41 properties
  • Tannery Court, Kenilworth - 41 properties
  • Yeomanry Close, Warwick - 33 properties
  • James Court, Warwick - 26 properties, and
  • Chandos Court, Leamington Spa - 45 Properties

Charges for electricity, gas, water and miscellaneous charges are levied as a weekly service charge and are based on the average consumption over the previous 3 years, updated for current costs.