Temporary exemption notices

Landlords of HMOs who may be required to obtain an HMO licence under Additional Licensing but do not wish to continue operating as an HMO would have the opportunity to bring about ceasing HMO use and returning their properties to single household or family use.

The Council can issue a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN) for a 3-month period to give the landlord time to take appropriate steps to cease HMO use. This could include serving Section 21 notices to existing tenants if they do not depart voluntarily at the end of any fixed term tenancy.

A TEN would have the effect of exempting an HMO from requiring a licence. In certain cases, a second TEN can be issued for a further 3-month period if more time is required to enable the HMO use to cease.

Landlords are advised not to commit to tenancies beyond their current ones if they are minded to ceasing HMO use. Where they have already done so, for example, where a contract has been signed for students for the 2023/24 academic year, they would then be committed to making an application for an HMO licence.