Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

The Council recognises that ASB is often linked with HMOs, particularly with issues concerning noise nuisance and refuse management. The licence conditions around ASB were widened in 2018 to make the extent of landlords’ responsibilities clearer.

All licences under the Additional Licensing scheme would contain standard conditions requiring HMO landlords to deal proactively and reactively with ASB to demonstrate their management is to the required standard. The Council has produced a Guide for Landlords and Managing Agents ‘Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in HMO Properties’ which sets out what is expected of them.

Whilst HMO Licensing places certain controls on landlords to manage ASB, there will be situations where ASB will still occur despite the best efforts of the landlord to deal with the situation. This will be a consequence of tenant behaviour and will not necessarily represent a breach of licence conditions.