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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus information and advice

Coronavirus FAQs for sheltered housing

We hope that this document will help answer some of the most common questions that residents and families have asked. We will regularly update the document as and when the situation develops.

Q. Are there any restrictions in place around friends and relatives visiting my sheltered housing scheme? 

To help protect the health and safety of our residents and in line with government guidance, as from 23 March only essential visitors and colleagues should be visiting your building. These are: 

  • Carers (including family and friends if they are providing essential care for you)  
  • Health professionals
  • Warwick District Council Housing Staff
  • Scheme cleaners
  • Caterers where a meal is normally provided
  • Contractors undertaking emergency repairs Contractors/managers undertaking essential Health & Safety checks or servicing
  • Window cleaners and gardeners (providing they do not access the building)

Q. What can I do to minimise the risk of infection?

Please refer to the most current NHS advice.

In addition to above, the government strongly advises everyone to practice social distancing.

Q. The Lifeline Team are  working off site to help reduce the number of visitors to our location, how can I get help and support during this time?

The health and safety of our residents remains paramount. You can contact the Lifeline Team by emailing them on or ringing 01926 339577 or you can press your pendant or pull your cord. One of the team will be able to assist you.

Please note, that due to these unprecedented circumstances we may take longer than usual to answer, so please bear with us.

Q. Will my carer still be able to come to the property?

Yes. If you have a carer, they should continue their visits as normal. If your normal carer fails to arrive, please contact the Lifeline Team who can alert the care agency.

Q. Can I use the communal areas, such as the lounge, gardens and any on-site catering facilities during this period of social distancing? 

Following the introduction of more stringent government measures to limit peoples’ movement, we have taken the decision to temporarily request that tenants and visitors do not use all communal lounges and kitchens.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and we understand that social interaction can help boost residents’ well-being, however our priority is to keep residents safe during these unprecedented times. 

Other communal areas such as laundries remain open. As laundries are small spaces, we are asking residents to ensure that only one person at a time is in the laundry. In other communal areas we are asking residents to respect social distancing guidelines and keep two metres apart and not to have more than two people together at any one time.

Q. Will emergency repairs still take place?

Yes. We will continue to provide an emergency repairs service, if there is a situation that presents a serious risk to health and safety, such as no hot or cold water, or electrical failure. Where possible we will also continue to service the Warden Call system, fire alarms, emergency lighting systems, lift and gas safety inspections.

Q. Is there any support available to help me with shopping, supplies, collecting medication, as I do not have any local friends or family to support?

The Lifeline team will be able to signpost you to local solutions such as voluntary groups, community hubs etc.

Q. What happens if I run out of food?

Wherever possible, please try to make arrangements with family and friends to support you during this time. Otherwise, please contact the Lifeline team by email or phone 01926 339577, who will be able to arrange help for you or signpost you to other organisations.

Q. Will communal areas still be cleaned as normal?

We will endeavour to continue with cleaning services wherever we can, however the level of service may drop due to the availability of cleaning contractors/colleagues. Gardening and external window cleaning will continue as long as contractors are able to attend.

Q. If there is a confirmed case of Coronavirus at my location, what will happen?

To reduce the risk of transmission, we will arrange for all communal areas to be deep cleaned in addition to the normal cleaning schedule if the diagnosed resident has been in the location within the last 72 hours.  

Q. Will we still see our Lifeline Team on location during this time?

All non-essential visits to our locations have been cancelled. The Lifeline team will still visit daily to check the health and safety of the building and respond to any no answers or emergencies.