Parking space is often limited on many council estates, even where car parking bays or other designated parking areas exist. Please ensure you park considerately as parking is the cause of many neighbour disputes.


Apply to rent a council garage

Constructing a parking area

If you wish to construct a hardstanding, garage or parking area within your council property garden, visit the property alterations page.

Car parks

There is a local car park management scheme operating at 5 car parks used by council tenants, leaseholders and their legitimate visitors. These are town centre sites at the following locations:

  • Regent Place, Leamington Spa.
  • Augusta Place, Leamington Spa
  • Linen Street, Warwick
  • Market Street, Warwick
  • Antelope Gardens, Warwick

The scheme is designed to restrict available parking in these high demand areas for the use of council tenants, leaseholders and their legitimate visitors only. Parking permits are issued to local residents by the Housing Department and parking is monitored by a parking management company appointed by the council.

Parking permits are also issued to shop leaseholders for a small parking area at the rear of the shops in Market Street, Warwick.

Request a sign

The council can put the signs up in certain circumstances, but we cannot enforce them. Examples of signs are:

  • "No Parking"
  • "Parking for Residents Only"