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  • 'The data subject' is the person who you are asking for personal data about. Most of the time, people ask for information about themselves.
  • The Data Protection Act says you have a right to see personal data we have about you.
  • If you are asking for information about somebody else, including children, you can normally only do this if;
    • they have said that you can do so,
    •  they are under 18 and the law says you are in charge of looking after them,
    • they are an adult, you are in charge of looking after them and they are not able to be in charge of their own personal data, or
    • you are the police or other legal authority and you are looking into a possible crime.
  • If you are asking for someone else’s information then we will not be able to accept this form. Instead, you will have to ask for the information either in writing, or ask one of our offices. If someone has said you can ask for their personal data for them, you must also give us a copy of written proof that they have said this.
  • If you are asking for information we have about you, then you should fill in this form carefully as it will help us to know who you are and what information you are asking for.
  • When you have finished the form, please submit it.
  • If we don’t need any more information, we will usually respond to you in 30 days.

Privacy notice

For requests for personal data, we will usually reply to you within one month, but we may need three months if you ask for something that takes a long time or if you have asked for a few things.

We may ask for something to help us to know for certain you are who you say you are (for example, a passport). This is to make sure that your personal data is not given to any person who has no right to receive it.

We will not usually charge you money for using these rights; however we may charge you a reasonable fee if what you are asking has no basis in fact or would take a very long time to do, or where you are asking for more copies of what you have already asked for.

You have the right to see a copy of your personal data and to complain if you think your data is being used in a way we are not allowed to do. You may also have other rights, such as to have your data corrected if it is wrong, or erased. For more information on your personal data rights please see the  Council’s main privacy notice.

For the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer’s contact details and other information, please see the Council’s main privacy notice.