Why can't I have a wheeled bin for my recycling?

In Warwick District, all recyclable material is separated into different compartments on the vehicle as it is collected from the red boxes and bags. This method of collection ensures the best quality of recyclable material, enabling it to go back into closed loop recycling wherever possible. 'Closed loop recycling’ is where a particular waste product is recycled back into the same product i.e. a glass bottle is recycled back into a new glass bottle. Because the recyclable materials are already sorted and of high quality, they can be sold onto recycling companies for a good price, rather than having to pay for them to go into a sorting facility. 

Some Councils have adopted the co-mingled method of recycling where all recyclable material is mixed together in a wheeled bin. These Councils have to pay for the material to be sent to a sorting facility before it can be recycled. This scheme has benefits in terms of collection efficiency, the range of materials that can be recycled and the recycling rate achieved, however the quality of recyclable material that comes out of the sorting facility can be reduced and there is often some level of contamination with materials that cannot be recycled.

The current method of collection in Warwick District has proved to be the most economic for the Council at the current time.