Why can't I recycle juice cartons ('Tetrapaks') in my red box/bag?

Cartons are made from 2 or 3 materials, depending on whether the carton is for long or short shelf-life products:

  • Cardboard (typically 75%)
  • Plastic (typically 21%)
  • Aluminium foil (typically 4%, only in long-life cartons)

Due to this mix of materials, cartons have to be collected and recycled separately from cardboard and paper. There are no spare compartments for the separation of cartons on the recycling collection vehicles used in Warwick District and therefore the Council is unable to collect them at the current time.

However, there are a number of recycling centres across Warwick District where cartons can be taken for recycling.

Please visit www.ace-uk.co.uk for further information about recycling cartons.