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If your business was legally mandated to close between 16 February to 31 March 2021 due to Coronavirus Restrictions and you havent already applied for a closed business grant you can still apply retrospectively for one up until 31 May 2021.

Please note that all other closed business grant schemes from 5 November 2020 to 15 February 2021 have now ended for new applications. We are not able to accept any late applications for those schemes.

How much is the grant?

The grant amount is paid in one bulk payment to cover the period of 16 February to 31 March as follows:

  • Rv £15,000 or under : £2096
  • RV £15,001 - £50,999 : £3143
  • RV £51,000 and over: £4714

Eligible businesses are those that:

  • have been legally mandated to close during the third national lockdown as of 5 January 2021 including non essential retail, leisure, personal care, sports facilities and hospitality businesses
  • are classed as occupied and not void premises
  • were trading as of 4 January 2021 (even if you were trading but closed previously due to the tier restrictions)

Excluded businesses are those that:

Excluded businesses are those that:

  • were not trading as of 4 January 2021
  • are insolvent, in administration or subject to a striking off notice are not eligible for this grant.
  • have chosen to close but are not listed as legally mandated to close in law
  • are able to conduct their main service because they do not depend on providing direct in-person services from their premises and can operate their services remotely Eg accountants, solicitor etc
  • have exceeded state aid or subsidy limits


Apply now

Please note the closing date for new applications is strictly 31 May 2021.

Tax implications

Grant income received by a business is taxable, therefore any covid business grants awarded will need to be included as income in the tax return of the business. Only businesses which make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax.

State aid and subsidy allowances

The restart grants are subject to the state aid and subsidy allowances limits. You will be asked to declare that you have not hit these limits and we will conduct further checks and ask for evidence if required as part of your pre- payment checks.

Managing the risk of fraud

The Government will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud. Any business caught falsifying their records to gain additional grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be recovered, as may any grants paid in error.
We will do pre-payment checks on all businesses which include a bank account check before awarding any grant payment.

Privacy notice

We will only use the information you provide to enable us to pay the local or national restrictions support grants, restart grants and discretionary grants. Your data will be shared with BEIS for the purposes of data collection and we will keep the data securely for up to 6 years. The legal basis for this processing is that it is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the local authority.

More information on how we handle personal information and your rights under the data protection legislation can be found in our privacy notice.