We have now delivered food caddies and blue-lidded recycling bins to all properties in Warwick District.

What to do if you’ve not received your bin or caddy?

If you’ve not had a delivery, please report using this online form

We will be delivering to properties that may have been missed shortly.

Please continue to present your recycling in your red boxes or another sturdy box until your new bin arrives. Please do not use your recycling bags or any other bag, as we're unable to empty these. 

If you haven't received your food caddies, please put your food waste in your grey bin until your food caddies arrive.

When can I start using my new food caddies and recycling bin?

You can start using your bins to put your food waste and recycling in. Present them for collection on your specified date.

If you don't know when to put your bins out, use our Property Search function:

  • enter your address
  • select the 'waste collections' tab
  • scroll down to 'collections from 1 August'